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The Artist

Life is reality,art is fantasy, what is life without Art?

I detest violence in any form and love nature, I always try to leave a situation or place better for me having been there.
I try and capture my own physiological experience, don't shy from controversy, focus on emotion and choose subjects that I feel strongly about,
therefore my work has an energy that repels or attracts. Aligning myself with the arts, and standing back from the common social and sexual taboos of society,
I take a truthful look at human nature, and keep my subject matter raw without the guilt of trying to cover up, soften, or please the "false norm" experienced by adopted cultures.
I often isolate the nude from time and place setting them in a world of spatial lack of orientation, frequently directing the body posture at the gaze of the viewer,
hence the urge to look is indeed autoerotic from the beginning.
My focus is on People, "Humankind" in all their oddity, depicted in a factual yet surreal way, this lends itself to the intellectual, and can evoke strong emotions.
I hope at least you will be entertained for a brief moment and enjoy the fantasy world of my art .

Oil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, watercolour,  Pencil, new media, and photography

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Demonstrations and talks

Ballito art group: Life drawing
Nov 2009: Paint and Palette art group Portraits and figure demo.

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